Sun Is Shining

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet••
Make you want to move your dancing feet••
To the rescue, here I am••
Want you to know, y’all, where I stand…”••
Words of the great legend of Bob Marley.

Good morning to everyone, it’s a beautiful day…Let’s make it a productive one, drop all the negative crap and run with everything that’s positive. Don’t worry about bad things that happened in the past, and don’t anticipate too far in the future.

Try to live in the now and enjoy the JOURNEY towards your goal, however you do it just enjoy the moments with your love ones, family and good friends…and of course nourish your roots and reap the fruits of life, for me today is to get on them two’s or better yet on one wheel…haha. “One pop, one clutch…never put the front wheel down” that’s how me and my team roll, Kirk, Skillz, Jon, SK and Brandy. New things on the unfolding horizon…Team Radical baby!!!


About King Rommel

A rider first, a stunter by choice.
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