Still 61 Degrees…Blox yu heard!

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T-Shirt weather!!!

Heading to the garage to get me some asphalt assault on one wheel!


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Magazine is now live!!!

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Sportbike Inc. Magazine

Hey my peeps, check out my new website that will be updated on a regular basis. Also on my site on the home page, this is where you will find RSS feed from my WordPress blog…this January issue of Sportbike Inc. Magazine with me in the cover feature.

So go hit up and you must subscribe in order to receive a free digital issue. Too many peeps has been hitting up the site, so just be patient if you have problems viewing the magazine. Check it out and spread the word. As always “One Pop, One Clutch…keep that front wheel up”.


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King Rommel “Watching The Throne”

Check out the Sportbike Inc. Magazine January 2012 issue, featuring myself on the cover in an interview and photoshoot that I recently did…Schedule to release this coming Monday the 16th.

The magazine will be released online, those who go to website and subscribe will be able to get a free digital issue…Much thanks to Allan Lane of Sportbike Inc. Magazine who has been providing peeps with quality sportbike content from day one, so go ahead and hit up the website below to subscribe and check me out. “One Pop, One Clutch…Bless”

King Rommel


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Winter Break

Winter break kicking up some dirt.



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55 Degrees what!!!

Where the crew at…Blox yu heard!!!

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